Our pool area is the perfect place to embrace the lively energy of the summer while you cool off and enjoy some much-needed relaxation. Whether you’re soaking in those southwest sun rays, or taking a quick dip to cool off, our pool is an ideal oasis for any adventurer wanting to take some time to unwind and recharge.


Step into our communal kitchen, equipped with 8 burners and a full-sized fridge, inviting you to spread your culinary wings. Share your favorite meals with your trail family, embark on new adventures with fresh dishes, and forge lasting bonds with friends, both new and old. In our kitchen, the joy of cooking meets the delight of shared moments, creating a vibrant array of communal dining.


The Junction is delighted to collaborate with the local coffee connoisseurs at Desert Sun Coffee Roasters. Begin your day with the richness of their organic brew, a perfect indulgence to kick-start your morning when you visit our Front Desk. For those opting for a different kind of wake-up, we also offer a selection of fine teas. Your mornings just got a touch more flavorful at The Junction, where you’ll be able to kickstart your day of adventures with some of our favorite pick-me-ups!


The Junction offers various inviting spaces to unwind and strategize for your upcoming adventures. From the lobby common areas to the intimate breakfast nooks and the cozy TV lounge room, you’ll discover the perfect spot to relax, savor a meal, or connect with fellow travelers. Whether you’re plotting your next adventure or simply seeking relaxation, our diverse and thoughtfully designed areas cater to every aspect of your stay.